Utopias vs Dystopias

First off I am going to draw upon the wikipedia definitions of both Utopia and Dystopia

And after which I plan to deviate from said definitions and chat about the usually unaddressed point that “not everyone wants the same thing”. This is typical when presented with a utopia, showing a clean nice friendly happy world and everything is just so perfect that nothing really changes because you can’t improve it. But what if someone WANTS to? What if someone wants to test their limits? What if someone wants to explore? Or set up Fight Club? What if someone wants to play rock music and do it above the noise limits? And so on. What if someone is ambitious and wants to try to get rich? All of this is impossible in a typical utopia.

Similarly with a dystopia, what makes it a dystopia? In a post nuclear war world, if someone settles down and opens up a general store…must they be unhappy? Are they suffering? Similarly why must everyone sit about fretting that the world can’t be saved while barely trying anything beyond making shanty towns for shelter?

The basic flaw in both approaches is not taking into account people can be different. People can want different things.

Utopias vs Dystopias

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