Rogue Trader Colony Building


For Rogue Trader it seems like a good idea to me to use the ship modules as templates for city districts. We have the space and SP and power use of a lot of modules from crew quarters to medicae facilities and arboretums and so on.

So we could consider building the city like building a ship on the surface. So no warp engines, and the main engine (generating power) could then be assumed to do basic facilities (plumbing, roads, streetlights) instead of providing thrust.

Three styles of city:

  • If you were constructing a hive city, you could use the hull as well (and it would need life support and could include weapon mounts) plus armour and “hull points” for the city.
  • If it was a traditional ‘open’ city, that’d cost less…but also be unarmoured. But unlimited space on the other hand.
  • If it were a underground city (or a asteroid colony) you’d need to excavate out the space before you could fill it. Likely either of these would need life support.

In all three cases it looks like you’d need to spend the SP for the facility (or the SP for the total cost of a hive hull) and the link between SP and Profit Factor in Rogue Trader.

Working out the actual housing for a given space and SP of crew quarters would want to be spelt out.

But it looks like you could lego together a colony in this way using all the additional facilities that might be hard to cram into a space (and warp) faring vessel.



Rogue Trader Colony Building

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