Planet Strata

Strata is a planet that I had been cooking up for a while, and used in Operation Raven

The core concept was to provide a physical corollary to class divide. The geology, ecology and meteorology of the planet combined to do so. As the planet was divided into highlands, midlands and lowlands so the society was divided into upper, middle and lower class. Different plateau-continents handled this divide in different ways leading to different manifestations of the underlying class tension of the society.

The catalyst for change was The Mining Town in the lowlands (named Argyre in the Hellstrom’s Hellions / Operation Raven game).

Formerly the nobility ruled, though individual non-nobles could aspire to parliament. Meanwhile powerful corporations dominated economically, though individuals could aspire to power and fortune within. Mining had been limited to small operations in the midlands which were easy to access but quick to play-out. As a result, on one plateau-continent people began mining exploration in the lowlands (the inhospitable expanses between plateau-continents). By the time the true import of this was realized, a near-monopoly had been created with the bulk of the planet’s mineral wealth coming to the lowlands settlement of Argyre and any other such massed mining exploration of the lowlands being years behind in infrastructure, establishment, and centralization.

Like the great frontier (the wild west) in the USA, The Mining Town / Argyre suddenly provided grounds for opportunity (and instability) in the social order and economic order of Strata.

This was one of the themes of the campaign Operation Raven though the military protagonists of the campaign were witness to said events and upheavals rather than seeking personal fortune and glory.


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Planet Strata

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