Mechwarrior 4

The Hellstrom’s Hellions aka Operation Raven campaign was started using Mechwarrior 2 but quickly was converted to Mechwarrior 4.

The primary problem with Mechwarrior 4 was the rapid skill-creep, with a small EXP expenditure in key skills rapidly lowering the target-numbers and making player characters overpowered at these skills.

The secondary problem was the number of support skills and their importance. Dozens of minor skills micro-managed far more than was necessary and added undue complexity.

The damage and armor system of the game is good in terms of fairness and balance, but complex. It would be ideal if a computer were handling hit locations and damage, but was too many steps and too much record keeping meaning combat was slow.

With roughly a dozen necessary house-rules involved in running Operation Raven, the Mechwarrior 4 system was workable but difficult.

Inherent in the system is one unavoidable problem which is the reliance of the Mechwarrior 4 system with the tabletop wargame Battletech. Since Battletech focuses upon Battlemechs and combat vehicles, the system is very lethal to individual combatants, and thus the two systems coexist only problematically for a narrative game using Mechwarrior 4 (or Mechwarrior 2).



Mechwarrior 4

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