Mechwarrior 2 No Battlemech Game


Please bear in mind this is a concept construction site. The reason this is not a complete campaign concept is it’s a work in progress. Brainstorming stage.


General Concept and Theme

The PCs would not be Battlemech pilots. My general intention here would be to use Battlemechs as (usually hostile) ‘boss monsters’ and also backdrop items for the campaign. The PCs meanwhile would primarily be tank users and vehicle operators (and military support roles).

I’d envisiage this as a game with a fair number of NPC support troops (tank crews) for the PCs and the PCs needing to form a tank squadron to gang up on enemy battlemechs.

Rather than the usual “get heavier ’mechs” progression, and focus on ‘mech customization, i’d suggest a “more and bigger tanks” approach. But more than that, i’d want to foster an idea it’s the PCs and crews that provide the real power not the weight of the tank they are using. Or in other words a heroic struggle, rather than “I am the most skilled person on the battlefield with the most powerful warmachine”.

Overall, more of a “smaller resistance force fighting against a better equipped enemy” style, possibly (defeated) defenders verses a planetary invasion. The battlemech pilots of the enemy side would be prime antagonists. Other enemy characters would be targets for non-tactical operations, i.e. the roleplaying angle of the RPG not just tactical wargames. Not to mention things like stealing a tank, or sabotaging enemy equipment, which are desperate gambits not needed by all-powerful Battlemech pilots.


Intended Gear and Style Statement

If the PCs are part of a mercenary unit of average profitability then their unit-issued gear would be good but not great. My suggestion would be a Standard Helmet, Flak Jacket and Flak Pants for armour (and unit uniform) giving good protection on foot and able to be taken straight into the vehicle. If this were Mechwarrior 4 I’d suggest the “Tanker’s Smock” item.

As rambled in the Mechwarrior 2 Starting Equipment section, I would envisage a longarm (usually 3d6 ballistic damage) being the baseline, backed up by a pistol or autopistol, and possibly melee weapons such as stunsticks, knives, or vibroweapons. I wouldn’t be surprised if players wanted to look into heavy weapons like missile launchers to give more tactical options when needed.

Players choosing to pursue other combat styles (such as, say, dual wielding) should be encouraged to do so.

“Game issued” selection of one ballistic longarm, one ballistic pistol, flak jacket, flak pants, standard helmet, and then some standard support equipment (medical, communication, etc). Players would be free to use their starting equipment allotment (including any increase from the Well Equipped advantage) to buy additional reasonable and back-story appropriate gear. This includes variant armor and weapons such as heavy weapons or sniper weapons.



Mechwarrior 2 No Battlemech Game

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