Mechwarrior 2 Clan Game


Please bear in mind this is a concept construction site. The reason this is not a complete campaign concept is it’s a work in progress. Brainstorming stage.


General Concept and Theme

In short, the general concept behind the planned Wolves on Watch campaign is still good. _ Or at least I think so.


Intended Gear and Style Statement

Though the PCs can and should feel free to buck the trend, I would envisage a typical clan pilot to carry a pistol (or more than one) and possibly melee weapon(s). Given the clans emphasis on martial arts and other (trained) combat skills that would be optional and a matter of choice plus personal style.

Carrying a longarm in the cockpit would be unusual but not unprecedented, with the question being “why do you have that when you’re a pilot?” The clans don’t expect their pilots to fight a war on foot. Note that sniping (as opposed to merely long range combat) is frowned upon among the clans both in and out of combat, to the point that clan characters should not have access to actual sniper rifles save captured Inner Sphere sniper weapons (which could be a potential backstory hook for a character).

For armour, I would expect either a clan mechwarrior suit or ab/flak vest. NPC pilots would most likely be ready for the cockpit at any time, and shun heavier armour if it would delay them mounting their assigned vehicle. Remembering that energy weapons are far more common, plain flak armor would be unlikely, as would just ablative armor since ballistic weapons are still common.

One question for NPCs is “would a clan pilot wear ab/flak pants given these halve movement speed” and the follow-up question “is that movement speed reduction stupid?” A BLD and weight / encumbrance based system might make more sense.

In any case, more variant armour and weapon combinations among NPC clan pilots would typically indicate a more seasoned (and experienced) individual, and one who has learned life and the battlefield is not as simple as they were led to believe in basic training.



Mechwarrior 2 Clan Game

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