Lunars Game

Precious little remains of the “Lunars Game” of Exalted, including the campaign’s name (if any). Some remnants exist on my old Livejournal account and there should be physical notes about the place as well…but these are proving to be unusually elusive. Some artwork has been recovered also.

Initially the campaign was to be split between one party of Solar Exalted and one party of Lunar Exalted. The plan being that the Solars would be mainly involved in empire-building and dealing with Dragonblood exalts opposing their efforts, while the Lunar exalts would do the more traditional dungeon-crawling style gaming but also gain more information about the plot and threats to known civilization…and the two woven together ultimately as the Lunars needed the support of the Solars (and their network) to put together a resistance to the oncoming tide of events.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Solar Exalted dodged the plot-hooks and pooled their talents to exploit niches and form a trading conglomerate and sound business model…and went into buisness not adventuring. After this first session the entire campaign focused upon the Lunars. Following this the campaign survived various iterations and incarnations, which were woven into the plot somewhat.

The Lunars were based out of Pupil, a school for Lunars set up by a ‘Lunar Elder’ who turned out to be a Siderial Exalt in (flimsy) disguise. The Siderial (Scarlet Lotus) along with two actual Lunar Elders (Nulto and Sakura) embarked upon an all-new approach to raising and training new Lunar exalted…a centralised training academy / school.

The initial incarnation used the Exalted version 1 rules, and was co-GM’d by myself and another housemate. This group managed to hilariously derail the plot, including burning down a hospital (used by the plot-antagonists as a front) which was to be a major point of contact between the players and the opposing-faction. And the player group managed to split apart after a lengthy period of gaming.

The second incarnation saw remnants of the first group and newcomers split between old school and new school. The continued campaign followed the new school lunars, those interested in diplomacy, investigation, and problem solving. These formed the new player group while the old school lunars (including former-player-characters) became background characters and NPCs with their more combat-focused and traditional-Lunar approach.

It was the new school Lunar team that discovered the overall plot which was the return of the Alchemical exalted and their incursion into this reality and conquest of most of the south of the world before the incursion was widely recognized.

A series of unexpected player actions ensued, including the players destroying the already-flawed module I was using, looting the Eye or Autocthon, seducing nemeses, shedding allies, and later causing a second universe-incursion which they solved by calling in the long-backgrounded Solars to supply the material goods the Alchemicals required and stemming the invasion by trade and diplomacy.



Lunars Game

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