Lunars 2 Exalted Game

A sequel to the Lunars Game of Exalted. There are a number of elements for “Arc Two” of the Lunars Game that I would re-work as the basis of the sequel.

The original plan was to treat Arc Two more like “the next season”.

Existing players would have an advantage, but there would be enough introduction and investigation to get everyone up to speed. Not to mention the old campaign was several years ago.

This would be a relatively high powered Exalted game, and i’d be fairly open to various character concepts.

Now…on the surface (as of the last game) there is an alliance of many Lunars, open to Solars, including some Dragon Blooded, and some known or suspected Siderial ‘infiltrators’ and some other special cases as one power bloc. This bloc have a solid treaty with the two nations of Alchemical Exalted who staged incursions from their universe to this universe…the second being the direct result of the players in the last game. This treaty is sufficiently solid that it might include a military alliance and the presence of Alchemical Exalted intermingled into the bloc. This bloc (and the Alchemicals) being enemies of the common enemy of the empire of more orthodox Dragon Blooded.

I can largely extrapolate likely events from the last campaign, and there would be spoilers if I went into the specifics (not to mention it’s not necessary here). What I can say or speculate is:

  • It is highly likely that Silk would have wound up as the leader of the bloc, if he didn’t elect to shirk responsibility and the loss of freedom.
  • Keth would have retreated into the southern desert wilderness to continue as a freedom fighter / terrorist against the alchemicals there.
  • Kayin would be a wild-card, likely ending up as a wandering doctor
  • Rook the sneakiest sneaker ever to sneak would be hard to pick, but my guess is he’d have “completed his training”, but still carry the famous Poking Stick
  • Lagotta would likely end up as an academic running a famous university, likely in contact with Silk, and likely trying to keep track of Kayin

Changes to these behaviors would alter how I think things would progress. For instance were Silk in political power but disaffected by his alchemical allies, it might be a more cold-war stand-off, rather than having some Alchemicals present to help keep the more orthodox Dragon Blooded at bay.


Character Characteristics:

I am thinking of setting Lunars Two about a decade after the original game’s end.

Lunars, Alchemicals (pending politics), Dragon Blooded and Solars (pending GM approval) would be the ‘more expected’ player characters and also most likely aliases for the less likely options.

The reigns would be pretty loose on this one, though some exalt types would need to try to pass as something else to be accepted. Infernals, Abyssals, undercover Alchemicals, Siderials and even possibly Fair Folk could all work with a good backstory and the right charms to pass as something else. Conversely with a decent concept and backstory some of these could be ’open.

In general though, i’d hope this to be more of a narrative game rather than Exalted Mortal Combat which such games can descend into. With luck this would also help to dampen the power-difference between Exalted types and smooth out some of the problems with ‘more problematic’ exalt types (primarily Siderials).


General Game Structure:

The general game structure would be adventure, and investigation in force. There are a number of unsolved mysteries and unresolved problems that need to be dealt with. A mix of diplomacy, adventuring to find answers, investigating past events, good old fashioned detective work.

In short, the PCs would be a team conscripted together to help the bloc (either led by Silk if Silk’s player is interested, or answering to the leader of the bloc). The foundational thinking here is “these are a pack of powerful exalts and should be able to handle themselves even in dire situations”. A bit like throwing a high level DnD party of adventurers at something…they might not be much better at investigations and detective work than a low level party, but it’s much less risky none the less.

Actual Exalt Duels would be relatively rare, like the originals Lunars Game. Though I think “less rare”. ;)


Things I would change:

Well the general political situation would be the main thing up for change pending original-player feedback on what their characters would have done. Would Silk be leader of the bloc? Would Llygotta have made her university (and the planned non-essence-based technology advances)? and so on.



Lunars 2 Exalted Game

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