Ironclaw is an underrated system. A character is created by selecting their four stats (and assigning a dice value), a species (again, assigned a dice value), and a profession (again, given a die value). Characters then have a chance to select skills and purchase additional edges and flaws (including new traits).

Characters get to roll whatever dice they have that are relevant to the test. For instance climbing, a species with climb as a skill adds race to it, a character adds their climb skill dice, and one of their stats.

All rolls are made against an opposed roll based on difficulty. A trivial task would be 2D4, a simple task 2D6, an average task 2D8, a hard task 2D10 and a very hard task 2D12.

For instance, keeping one’s balance might need no roll, but on a wet surface it might be bumped up to 2D4, in combat too making it to 2D6, with gale winds to 2D8, and it’s a narrow plank (say between two ships) for 2D10.

In actual opposed checks (between two characters) you can simply use the two character’s dice and have them roll off…a run check for who wins a race, for instance. Not to mention combat, attack verses defense.

Anyway, the system is fluid but underrated. The basis of Ironclaw is related to that of the 2004 version of Albedo but in my opinion is superior, and could plug certain holes with Albedo.

This lets the GM quickly and easily invent challenges for the players, and allows a fast gameplay.




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