Grim Porpoise

The Beginning

In late February I met with some players about doing a normal-ish Rogue Trader game with a plan to use the modules as a launching point for players and GM to gain experience. That lasted about five seconds…

The ideas we have come up with as a foundation for the Grim Porpoise game are fun and solid though and this should be…a crazy wild ride.

This also means that a ‘normal-ish Rogue Trader game with a plan to use the modules’ is still on the table.


The Launch

The key/protagonist event in Grim Porpoise will be the launch of the Grim Porpoise and the launch of her estranged sister ship.

Borrowing (heavily) from Star Blazers it will be a naval vessel converted for use and fitted with experimental drives based on alien (Imperium of Mankind) technology. The technology on the Grim Porpoise having been reverse-engineered from a crashed Imperial vessel which the other side (on the cold-war / arms-race dominated planet) which the other faction posses. The Grim Porpoise will be a submersible vessel (so ideal to retrofit for space) designed as a carrier (with a big yamoto cannon inspired cannon…because hey, it’s cool and suits Star Blazers)

Borrowing heavily from Macross the ‘estranged sister ship’ will be the repaired and refitted alien vessel. The very vessel the Grim Porpoise’s alien technologies were based upon. The planned power balance being that the Grim Porpoise was actually built by its (the PC’s) faction and has an edge in speedy repairs and replacing components, the nemesis vessel having the edge in power and technological sophistication but being at a disadvantage for replacing components and performing repairs. The nemesis vessel (name pending) will be a more traditional battleship, extensive gun batteries (with a big yamoto cannon inspired cannon…because hey, it’s cool and suits Macross).

The Other Beginning

The Grim Porpoise game is absolutely ideal to use Only War for some precursor sessions and flashbacks to do with the espionage leading up to the twin launchings. It will let me quickly model up the two factions and let players design characters for the specific missions needed.

But events such as stealing the blueprints of the alien drive, extracting the other side’s top scientist who wants to defect, sabotage missions…the possibilities are limitless. The entire cold war and spy movie genre is at my disposal…and this can set up key power/technological balance for the Rogue Trader game.



Grim Porpoise

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