Albedo Strata

Planetary Overview

Strata is currently an ILR controlled planet but was colonized before the ILR was formed.
Before the ILR recolonization, Strata was sparsely populated (and incompletely colonized) due to the planet’s unusual meteorology, specifically the Strata Fog.

Planetary History

The planetary population were primarily dedicated to the grand project of using water harvested from the midlands and lowlands to irrigate the highlands and also condition the soil of the plateau continents to support plant life. Later as this project progressed more colonists came, increasing the population of the strange but now-living world.

Planetary Geography and Meteorology

The defining feature of Strata is the Strata Fog. The fog covers Strata like a sea, with no clouds above it. As Strata has no moon, there are no tides in the fog sea. The level of the fog varies slightly, but not significantly.
Six plateau continents are high enough to extend above the cloud / fog layer. These exposed landmasses are referred to as the highlands and receive sunlight from perpetually clear skies but consequently zero rainfall. Water is piped to the highlands to allow irrigation and supporting plant life. The highlands have no known indigenous life.
The fog shrouded periphery of the plateau continents are referred to as the midlands and receive some sunlight relative to the local depth into the fog, and some rainfall. Primitive indigenous plants and fungus were discovered in the midlands. The primary industries of the midlands are water mining (to irrigate the highlands), logging, and some farming in the higher regions.
The ‘edge’ between the sloped sides of the plateau continents and the terrain between continents marks the highly subjective division between midlands and lowlands. In some areas a relatively distinct natural feature can be used to mark the divide and in others only an increasingly gradual slope is present. This area is also often poorly explored let alone documented, with most maps only using the continental average horizontal and vertical distance from the edge of the highlands to the lowlands approximate the border.
No indigenous life was discovered in the lowlands to date, as there is virtually no natural light to support life. To date no expedition has successfully traveled by land from one plateau continent to another. It is also a topic of academic debate whether or not vast hidden seas might exist below the fog.



Albedo Strata

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