An Albedo game is tempting, but I am leery of the minimalistic 2004 version of the game system. I say minimalist since all non-military skills are omitted, and there aren’t rules for armored vehicles (land or air) provided.

First and foremost, (like Shadowrun), it’s difficult to get DnD conditioned gamers to understand the more realistic ‘combat is deadly’ feel of Albedo compared to any edition of DnD. I’ve found this to be a critical issue with most sci-fi games including Mechwarrior 2 and Mechwarrior 4, Shadowrun 3rd and
Shadowrun 4th.

Second up, it’s a furry setting. Suitable for my furry gaming group but not all gaming group (or all members of my local gaming community either).

The trick appears to be getting the players to have compatible specializations, and to accept that combat will be rare in the campaign. Primarily “air power or land power” would be the first major decision.

A pitched siege warfare land-based campaign seems safest but there’s plenty of scope for variety.

Possibly tinted by my current post-apocalypse bias, doing a fallen colony game where a planet has narrowly survived some calamity and is rebuilding with a aim to reestablish contact is tempting.


Rules Amendment:

I would remove the system of pushing and risking from the 2004 system and instead implement an Ironclaw style system.

In 2004 Albedo a character recieves a D4 for 1 skill point, D6 for 2 skill points, D8 for 3 skill points and D10 for 4 skill points, and D12s are only available by pushing and risking. Characters can, however, get up to 8 points in a skill at char-gen…which makes no sense.

In the Albedo system each point of a skill increases the dice size by one. At a D12, one point of increase adds a new D4. So 5 points of skill = 1D12, 6 points of skill = 1D12 + 1D4. From there the D4 is increased, so at skill 8 you would have 1D12 + 1D8 for example. This means that more reliability is achieved with higher skill rather than raw capability.

This begs the question, however, “why not just add modern equipment to the ”/wikis/ironclaw" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ironclaw system"?



Albedo’s 2004 edition lacks vehicle stats of vehicle combat rules.

The immediate temptation is to use the Battletech rules for land vehicle design and aerospace craft. They are the right ‘type’ of vehicles (fusion, etc) and could be made to fit the Albedo setting by controlling the equipment (and tech level) available. No PAL, Battle Armour, Protomechs, Battlemechs and Industrialmechs; obviously.

One would use the Albedo rules to handle driving and firing, and the Battletech rules for damage resolution.




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