1920s Cool

And what is 1920s cool, I hear you ask?

Well, I am thinking back to the 1920s when we had a fairly advanced civilization but before there were computers everywhere. Also drastically reduced communications options.

But this begs the question “if not then, why not in future?”

So for instance why is the W40k universe so grim and dark? Why is society portrayed as dying ruins of worlds which can’t maintain themselves due to what they can’t replicate from the past?

It seems to me that in reality after you cover the necessity of feeding people, a lot of the rest follows. The more people you have, the more specialists you can support, and the better the quality of life for all.

For instance not every settlement of 1000 people will have an optometrist, but it will have doctors.

So we have two situations here, “civilizations” and “survivors”. If you have a whole civilization it should be able to rise to 1920s cool with or without computers. For instance that of DUNE and also Star Wars (which has few computers, when you look at it). For survivors, once they cover ‘survival’ needs, there should be nothing stopping them growing and developing as communities.

Anyway, what this means to me is that in just decades after “a catastrophe” the civilization should be able to rebuild certain parts of the civilization. Even if this is just children of the survivors learning from books.

Like reality, it’s just a question of numbers and how many non-food-makers a community can support.

1920s Cool

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