The Poking Stick


A plain looking stick, with a simple cloth handle at the thicker end.


The Poking Stick was originally a mundane stick, carried by a Lunar Exalt named Rook in the Lunars Game. The stick became imbued with ‘poking powers’ over the course of the game.

These powers became “official” when young Rook used the stick to poke the legendary Eye of Autochthon after a string of many other pokings.

The powers of the stick were:

  • The Poking Stick would automatically cause any attempt to poke something with the stick to be ‘perfect’ (meaning that the attempt would count as a perfect-attack and succeed with a minimum of 1 success unless a perfect-defence were used to counter it).
  • The Poking Stick could do no damage.
  • The Poking stick could cause interruption, such as to disrupt sorcery attempts, as if the poke had caused one point of aggravated damage.
  • The Poking Stick “Sometimes” protects the poker from the effects of touching a person or object. For instance The Poking Stick would protect against electrocution from a live wire, but not protect against wasps emerging from a poked wasps nest.
  • The Poking Stick is invulnerable and indestructible.

The Poking Stick

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