A bronze age deity with a heart of gold.


Name: Arudara
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Usually Male
Heroic Path: Warden
Paragon Path: Storm Sentinel
Epic Path: Demigod


Ability Scores
STR 26
CON 28
DEX 12
INT 16
WIS 12
CHA 12

1 Skill Focus – Religion
2 Ritual Caster
4 Arcane Initiate
6 Unarmored Agility (PHB3)
8 Improved Bull Rush (PHB2)
10 Jack of all Trades
11 Hammer Rythem
12 Danger Sense
14 Mettle
16 Paragon Defenses (PHB2)
18 Earthstrength Resolve
20 Agile Athlete
21 Bludgeon Mastery
22 Blind Fight
24 Primal Resurgence (PHB2)
26 Robust Defences (PHB2)
28 Indomitable Will (PHB2)
30 Opportune Reflexes (PHB2)

At Will
1 Warden’s Fury
1 Warden’s Grasp
1 Thorn Strike
1 Strength of Stone

1 Goring Charge
1 Thunder Ram Assault
3 Burst of Earth’s Fury
4-Feat Thunder Wave
7 Earth Gift
11 (Storm Sentinel) Thunder Smash
12 (Storm Sentinel) Storm Step
13 Icy Shards
17 Eager Vine Strike
23 Nature’s Ally
27 Earth Tomb

1 Form of the Fearsome Ram
5 Thunder Step
9 Form of the Stone Sentinel
15 Form of the Charging Boar
19 Thundering Bolts
20 (Storm Sentinel) Form of Storm’s Wrath
25 Form of the Autumn Reaper
29 Form of Spring Renewal

2 Mountain Lion Step (Encounter)
6 Sea Stride (At Will)
10 Warding Vines (Daily)
16 Monkey’s Grip (At Will)
22 Wellspring of Life (Daily)
26 (Demigod) Divine Regeneration

Ghostphase Cloth Armor +6 (Armor)
Lightning Hammer +6 (Weapon)
Resounding Warhammer +4
Stormwalker’s Cloak +6 (Neck)
Bracers of Mighty Striking (Level 12) (Bracers)
Boots of Striding and Springing (Boots)
Gauntlets of the Ram (Hands)
Iown Stone of True Sight (Head)
Dynamic Belt (Level 19) (Belt)
Ring of Flight (Ring 1)
Ring of Freedom of Movement (Ring 2)

Flying Carpet
Endless Provisions
Bag of Holding
Rope of Climbing
Ritual Candle

Holy Symbol
Ritual Book
Everburning Torch
Standard Adventurer’s Kit


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